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Combat Clothing Australia

Combat Clothing Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian Company specialising in the design and manufacture of a wide range of military and para military accoutrements.

The inception of Combat Clothing Australia Pty Ltd was in 1982 when the Company began manufacturing clothing and equipment for the sports shooter and fishermen. Since then, Combat Clothing Australia Pty Ltd has grown into an Australia leader in the design and manufacture of a whole generation of innovative ballistic garments and military equipment.

The company's strength and experience is in its ability to produce to the customers specific requirements whilst ensuring that performance and technical integrity is maintained. We recognise that customer requirements should not be dictated to by a standard range.

Combat Clothing Australia Pty Ltd products are developed and tested by professionals who have significant combat experience therefore the wearer can be assured of the quality and intuitive design of the item.

When you next assess the protective needs of your personnel, consider the following aspects which has Combat Clothing Australia Pty Ltd as a world class designer in this industry;

  • Gives personal comfort
  • Tested for climatic durability
  • Superior strength and mobility

Then demand the protection of an Australian product which carries AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance and Ballistic Armour Test Certificates to the National Institute of Justice Standard 0101.03 and 0101.04.

Each product delivered to the end user is accompanied by a Certificate of Conformance and a Certified Test Result proving ballistic performance.

Combat Clothing Australia Pty Ltd operates on the principles of service, reliability, powerful research and development, stringent testing and quality assurance. Resulting from this attitude, Combat Clothing Australia Pty Ltd has developed a substantial export market within the Asia Pacific region. This market area includes countries such as Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Pakistan, India, Middle East and Japan.