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Storage and protective Containers

The products listed in this catalogue are a list of products that CCA Protect provide. Not all products in the Manufacturers Catalogue are available for immediate purchase. CCA Protect's online store (CCA Wear) has a limited range of products that are available to purchase immediately.

Tsunami protective cases

CCA has a complete line of watertight submersible cases, available in different sizes for all types of applications including shipping, military, police and law enforcement, firearms, weapons and fire departments.

CCA's extensive line of resuable containers ensures a perfect size and function for any military deployment, which requires extended service life and outstanding protection for any delicate equipment.


  • Engineer resin + glass fibre weight

 Available in various sizes and shapes. Please phone our office for more details.

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Storage & Protective Containers

CCA Protect provides storage conatiners suitable for most applications.

Please contact us with your requirement.

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