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Specialist Equipment

The products listed in this catalogue are a list of products that CCA Protect provide. Not all products in the Manufacturers Catalogue are available for immediate purchase. CCA Protect's online store (CCA Wear) has a limited range of products that are available to purchase immediately.

Boeing CH-47 Chinook Ballistic Protection

As the Global War on Terror continues our men and women of the armed forces are under constant threat from those determined on spreading hate throughout the world. One of the greatest threats to aircraft is that of small arms fire. It is essential that these men and women are provided with the best protection possible to diminish these threats.

Helitech along with it's partner Combat-Armor International have developed a state of the art composite ballistic protection kit for the Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Our armour will defeat all known small arms threats up to and including the lethal 30-06 calibre APM2 (7.62 x 63mm AP) round *. 
Key Features
Light weight
Low profile
Tested to NIJ Standard 0108.01
Multi-strike ballistic resistance
High durability
High structural strength
Resistant to environmental degradation effects
Complies with FAR 25.853 (Flame resistant)
Note: Helitech and Combat-Armor International are able to provide Special Type armour if even higher levels of protection are required.
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Bomb Blanket

A Ballistic Blanket that can be used to cover explosives or erected as a screen around unexploded ordnance.

Various threat level ratings and colours are also available.

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EOD Thigh Tool Kit

Made from 1000 Denier Cordura. This specialist thigh mounted tool kit is designed for the carriage of equipment used by EOD technicians.

  • Clean document/diagram windows
  • Elastic loops for various tools
  • Currently supplied to all RAAF EOD teams.

    Can be made in different colours

er that requires maximan protection while maintaining a good level of mobility.


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Gerber Multi-Plier 600 DET (Demolition Explosive Technician)

Developed in conjunction with the US military, this is the only multi function tool certified for EOD units in the US.
Features: C4 Spike, Blasting cap, crimpers, sheepsfoot serrated blade, screwdrivers and a file. CCA currently supplies the RAAF & RAN with MP600 DET Tools


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Gerber Pouch


DCCA manufactured for use with the MP600 DET Tool, this pouch is constructed from heavy duty MILSPEC nylon which offers more durability over the standard gerber pouch. Available in various colours or camouflage patterns. 

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Riot Helmet

RBR Armour Systems Pty Ltd Riot Helmets provide full head protection against rocks, sticks, bottles, etc. Made of tough high impact resistant materials, impact resistant polycarbonate face sheild and adjustable inner harnesses to fit all sizes. All RBR Armour Systems Pty Ltd Riot Helmets can be fitted with neck protection padding to limit any trauma to the back of the neck from blunt objects.

  • Multiple harness designs available
  • Available in various colours and designs on request
  • The helmet provides no ballistic protection. The helmet protects against impacts and has a degree of penetration resistance only.
  • The helmet will meet BS 5361

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Shooting Mat

Combat Clothing Australia Pty Ltd produces various size shooting mats to suit military or civilian applications.

Manufactured from 18oz canvas this mat provides full protection whilst the operator is conducting on ground operations.

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Suit, 805 EOD

805 EOD Suit

CCA produces a wide variety of EOD apparel to suit bomb disposal technicians.

  • We can provide protection ratings from low V50 to NIJ III-A if required.
  • Suits can be tailored to incorporate full trousers and sleeves to give complete body coverage.
  • Anti-static materials available.
  • Various colours available.


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Underwater Dive webbing

Specifically designed and manufactured webbing to suit personnel conducting water borne operations.

  • Multi Pocket design
  • Left and right thigh holsters for spare magazines and various types of handguns
  • Robust construction to suit salt water environments
  • Can be adapted for normal non water operations
  • available in a vast range of colours and camouflage patterns.

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