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Marine Ballistic Protection

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Marine Ballistic Protection

With a trend for many countries to upgrade their homeland security, RBR Armour Systems Pty Ltd's maritime division is being called upon for armour upgrades for many small to medium watercraft.

We can supply kits to suit military or civilian vessels. We regularly work with leading luxury boat builders to incorporate Armour kits from the drawing board stage, allowing for a completely undetectable finish.

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RBR Armour Systems Pty Ltd's offers ballistic protection for submarines to assist in the protection of internal fire causing damage to the hull of the vessel. The waterproof panels provide NIJ Level III Protection in either Aramid or Polyethylene

Our armour will defeat all known small arms threats up to and including the lethal 30-06 calibre APM2 (7.62 x 63mm AP) round *

Key Features
Light weight
Low profile
Tested to NIJ Standard 0108.01
Multi-strike ballistic resistance
High durability
High structural strength
Resistant to environmental degradation effects

Complies with FAR 25.853 (Flame resistant)

Note: We are able to provide Special Type armour if even higher levels of protection are required.

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Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats

Recent Coastal surveillance and fisheries patrols have met with increasing resistance, particularly from Indonessian fishermen fishin illegaliiy. These incidents highlight the necessity for enforcement officers to be provided with adequate protection, not only in Australia but anywhere that similar threats exist.

The RBR Armour Systems Pty Ltd has developed armour panel kits for the protection of rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIB). THe waterproof panels provide NIJ Level III Protection in either Aramid or Polyethylene. A kit comprises sufficient panels to cover the nose cone and both side tubes down to the rear cones. Centre console Kits are also available.


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