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Manufacturers Catalogue


The products listed in this catalogue are a list of products that CCA Protect provide. Not all products in the Manufacturers Catalogue are available for immediate purchase. CCA Protect's online store (CCA Wear) has a limited range of products that are available to purchase immediately.

Kepi Patrol Cap DPCU

The Australian disruptive pattern Kepi Cap was designed to protect the wearer when the conventional booni hat or bush hat are not practical. (i.e. inside armoured vehicles)
Dimensions/Sizing: One size fits all
Composition: Disruptive pattern printed trouser weight material.
Features: Elastic headband fits all sizes, complete neck flap to provide protection from the sun, neck flap can be folded inside cap when not required, available on request, various other camouflage patterns
Other Information: Designed to be light and compact while providing the wearer with good levels of protection from the sun when the Wide Brim Bush Hat (or Booni Hat) is not practical. Ideal for personnel involved in transport or armoured operations.

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Booni Hat Australian Disruptive Pattern

The Booni Hat or Wide Brim Bush Hat was designed with a wider brim than the previously issued bush hat. The brim is also stiffened to protect the wearer from sun, wind and other adverse conditions. Also comes with a drawstring and cordlock so it can be held in place.
Dimensions/Sizing: Small - 50 to 52 cm approximately.Medium - 53 to 55cm approximately.Large - 56 - 58cm approximately
Composition: Trouser weight disruptive pattern material, toweling lined.
Features: Wide brim for maximum protection, stiffened brim for retention of shape, hat band with loops to attach natural foliage for concealment, drawstring chin strap with adjustable toggle lock for windy conditions, inbuilt comfort. A great replacement for the traditional bush hat. The stiffened brim helps keep its shape while offering the wearer maximum protection from the sun. 

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Narrow Brim Bush Hat (Giggle Hat)

The Narrow Brimmed Bush Hat or Giggle Hat is a popular alternative to our Booni or Wide Brimmed Hat.

Made from Poly Cotton trouser weight material with a narrow brim for increased field of viewing.

The Giggle style hat is a popular choice for individuals that require a large field of view especially when using scope-sighted weapons. Commonly used by Special Forces.

Features: Head band loops for foliage attachments, Lightweight, excellent field of view. 

Dimensions/Sizing: Small - 53 to 55 cm approximately.Medium - 56 to 58cm approximately.Large - 59 - 60cm approximately. XLarge 61-62cm


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Used to cover face from sun and sand storms. Made by traditional methods using green and black pure cotton. As supplied to the ADF.

Also available in Olive, Sand, Black & White and Red & White


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Helmet Cover to fit PASGT, Defencer and ECH


A camouflaged cover designed to fit a standard Personal Armour System Ground Troops, Defender and ECH helmets with the capacity to take items of natural foliage for better concealment.

Composition: Disruptive pattern printed material, touch tape attachment points
Features: Complete coverage for helmets, comes with 2 hat bands to accommodate natural foliage, easily secured to internal harness via touch-tape tabs, available on request - various other camouflage patterns

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