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The products listed in this catalogue are a list of products that CCA Protect provide. Not all products in the Manufacturers Catalogue are available for immediate purchase. CCA Protect's online store (CCA Wear) has a limited range of products that are available to purchase immediately.

Ballistic Shield

RBR Armour Systems Pty Ltd's Ballistic Shields incorporate a lightweight design with the very highest levels of protection. RBR Armour Systems Pty Ltd have developed their shields to give unmatched protection while the unique handle design allows for comfortable ambidextrous use and optimum mobility.

We offer various shapes and size to suit a wide range of ballistic threats. RBR Armour Systems Pty Ltd's range of ballistic shields are ideal for police Tactical Units and other high risk operations.

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Soft Deployable Ballistic Blanket Shield

Soft ballistic blanket to be used as fast deployable shield.

  • Aramid Fibre
  • Carry Handles (both open and closed)
  • Rollup for easy storage and convenient transportation
  • Multiple sizes
  • Up to Threat Level 3A
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Takedown Shield
(not ballistic protection)

The CCA Takedown Shield is used to protect from personal attacks or to overwhelm attackers. Often used in in medical and corrections industries

  • 90cm x 60cm x 11cm
  • 10 cm of firm foam padding
  • Lightweight
  • 10 heavy duty grab points
  • Removable/washable cover

    NOTE: Other sizes are available upon request

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